Lessons & Learning!  

This season we are happy to have Brett Bailey join us as our new offer golf instructor. He is available, by appointment, for individual and group lessons. Call us at 905-372-8924 and we’ll put you in touch with Brett directly.   

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 Calling Ladies & Men!   

We are pleased to invite all men and women to golf in our unique Leagues/deal days. With great prizes and games this is a fantastic way to enjoy our course and meet new people. To find out more about our golf leagues please


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Golf Events!

Arrange a private tournament for your company or organization. Golf packages are available for 9 and 18 holes, with meals and other amenities. Golf carts are available.
Great team-building or recognition event!



Contact us for details.


Closed for Season


Thanks for a great year of support! Hope to see you all again in the spring. Have a great fall/winter season Smile 




Fall Rates 2018

Fall rates

Senior Day

Ladies Day





Another one of our great attractions is our Ladies Day.

Every Monday starting on May 7th until Close, we offer ladies 1/2 Priced Golf. ($11.50


No registration required. Just show up and play! 


There are also door prizes and miniature games/contest throughout the course. Such as longest putt, closest to the pin, etc. Winners of these will receive their prize the following Monday. 


We also run a 50/50 draw and all the proceeds are donated locally to Cornerstone


In addition to the Ladies Day, we are introducing an exciting new twist.

For those interested, we will be playing a team style game and we'll be calling it Ladies Team League (LTL) All that is required is that you pick a few of your friends (Max 4 ppl) come up with a team name and submit your scores on our computer in the clubhouse after your Ladies Day Rounds. 


Wrap up sometime in September with a Final Tournament TBD


We will take the best score from your group for each hole and add them all up to make your team score for that day. 







Team: Power Putt Girls 

Combine all of the green highlighted scores (best each hole) to make a team score. 37


The computer will do all this for you once you input it. 


This format makes for a fun dynamic, with you and your teammates cheering and working together to try and beat the course :)


Don't worry if you're new to golf (Or like every golfer) and struggle. This will be a Handicapped league so that whatever your skill level your odds of winning will be equal.


"Did you play better than you normally do?"

rather than 

"I'll never be able to compete with an avid golfer"


To receive a handicap you must have 5 games played on our computer. You can achieve these rounds at any time, they do not require league scores.


 Hours of Operation:

  Monday - Sunday
Subject to group 
 size we may not allow
 Tee-times past 7:30pm

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